Lightroom panoramic feature

IMG_5709-PanoUp until now, I hadn’t paid much attention to the panoramic feature available in Lightroom 6/CC.  I thought I would give it a whirl, and the resulting image is above, the final image being made up of four separate images.

Here’s how it was shot

You need to find a suitable scene in the first instance.  When you are happy, compose the scenes through your viewfinder, deciding where to take each image.  It is important to overlap each image slightly so that the software knows where the beginning and end of each image is.  You will get a message from Lightroom telling you that it is not possible to build the image if you fail at this stage.  You should also consider exposure,  I tried to keep the exposure roughly the same through all four shots above.  When you are happy, import the images into Lightroom.  Select all of the images and from the menu (Photo/Photo Merge/Panoramic) or Ctrl + M on Windows.  Thes rest of the process is automated and if are successful you will have a new image appear at the end of the original images.  The more images you include, the longer Lightroom will take to process. The resulting image will appear with a .DNG file extension.  It is then possible to process the panoramic in a non-destructive way as you could with the single images alone.

If you have Lightroom 6 or CC and haven’t explored this feature yet, it really is worth having a go.


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